I just bought a light rig for one of my bands. Most of the places we’ve been playing have minimal lighting and it’s more important to look good than to feel good.

I wanted something bright and versatile and from what I have seen online the 64s are much brighter than the SlimPar 56 or SlimPar 38. I also had a slim budget (no pun intended), so couldn’t go with the pro series, but I understand these will be just fine for my weekend warrior band.

I also want to expand the rig as money allows, so went with a little bit bigger board, the Chauvet Obey 40 that will allow be to utilize the 7 Channel DMX that the SlimPar 64s are capable of.

I unboxed everything and tested each light individually to make sure I didn’t have any duds. Once they all checked out, I set up the stands and wired everything up.

I had watched a couple videos online and read the manuals and from what I could see, it was supposed to be as easy as just plugging in, setting the lights to DMX 7 and everything would work.

But, it didn’t.

I turned everything on and three lights came on and the rest didn’t. I started messing with faders and pushing buttons and nothing changed. I switched cables around, tried one light at a time and still couldn’t get a consistent result.

So, I went back online.

I had found that you need to make sure the user channel on each light has the red, green and blue value set to “0”. You can read that original thread here. You also need to make sure that each light is set to the correct DMX channel (I knew this and had that part right).

And, very importantly, you have to have the fader channel (fader 7 in DMX 7 mode) on the Obey 40 slid up. I didn’t see this anywhere online or in the manual, so it wasn’t an obvious thing.

I made this quick video to show you what I did and talk about all the things mentioned above and more.

Take a look and if you like it, please give me a thumbs up or leave some feedback.



Click here to check out the Obey 40

Click here to check out the SlimPar 64

I plan to do a full review and take some video to show how they look on stage once I’ve got the chance to use them. Check back soon!