Why You Need A Contract

My latest article on the DIY Musican Blog for CDBaby discusses the importance of contracts. Go read it!

How to Rock the Corporate Gig

The best paying gigs have rules you must follow, here are some of the important ones Go read it!

Should You Buy Or Rent a PA

Both owning and renting have their advantages. Go read it!

Is It Time To Let Them Go?

Sometimes a band member just isn't working out. As hard as it may be, you might have to let them go. Go read it!

Plan Your Booking Schedule

I had another article published over on the DIY Musican Blog for CDBaby. Go read it!

Troubleshooting your Chauvet Obey 40 and SlimPar 64s

After reading everything I could, I thought the Chaugey Obey 40 and SlimPar 64 would work right out of the box. It didn't Go read it!

How To Build A PA

There are a lot of elements that go into putting together your own PA. Here are a couple basic setups for a small to medium sized gig Go read it!

How To Be A Great Frontman

Knowing how to talk to the crowd can be the difference between a great and a lame frontman. Go read it!

Surviving A Bad Gig

There are nights that are just going to suck. Either from a bad performance, bad crowd or both. Go read it!


Your night can be short with only one set or a longer night with multiple sets. The better crafted your setlist is, the better you'll be able to control the pace and energy of your show. Go read it!

Guest Lists

Every band will have people they'd like to invite to their shows and even get them in free. Guests lists are a great way to treat friends and family special, but there is proper etiquette to handling this with the venue you are playing. I give you some of the unwritten rules in this article. Go read it!

How to Book My Band Guide Overview

I was recently asked by to write an overview of the guide. It's a pretty lengthy article but gives you a great idea of what you'll find in the guide itself. So, go check out the overview of the guide over at Cool sight, you should check it out anyhow!!

What To Do After The Gig

I just published an article on the DIY Blog at that discusses what to do after your gig is over. You'd be surprised at some of the common sense stuff people don't think about. Go check it out at the DIY Blog.

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